Our Approach

A small town lawyer with big city results


Freedom Legal can help you resolve pressing challenges in your life and at work. At Freedom Legal, we process cases differently than many firms do.

  • Maybe you’ve run out of cash, due to an illness or unexpected situation at work and are therefore eager to find a Utah attorney to explain your options and save your home.

  • Maybe you’re a developer who has been sued for environmental contamination and you need to know how to clean up the property and minimize your fines.

  • Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a breakthrough business idea, and you want to protect your intellectual property.

No matter what business, real estate, or employment law issue you face, we’ve developed systems to streamline how to meet these challenges. However, we also understand that the specifics of your situation do matter. To that end, we avoid making assumptions about cases or “going on autopilot.” Subtle distinctions can have profound implications for strategy. A personalized approach is essential, because different clients need different things from their Utah lawyer.

For instance, let’s say you’re a homeowner who’s desperate to stave off foreclosure. Your neighbor down the street faces a very similar battle. Perhaps you’re prepared to do anything to keep your home so you can keep your child at his or her local school. But your neighbor’s main goal is to resolve his financial crisis, ASAP, whether that means giving up the home or not.

Subtle differences in values and priorities can hugely influence strategy. In our hypothetical example, for instance, your neighbor might seriously consider a short sale, while you might be better served by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save your home.

By paying attention to what people want, need, and value we’re able to guide them in a more effective way.


Your Lawyer as a Partner

Attorneys and clients work best together when everyone understands and commits to a common goal, and everyone knows “the rules of play.” We understand that you may need structured guidance. However, we also respect your need for independent thought and that you are the ultimate decision maker.

Please get in touch with us today if you have legal issues in Utah by calling 801-FREEDOM (373-3366), or by emailing our team to set up a free consultation.